THE pepper EXPRESS: Our Visit to Carson Valley

Monday, June 19, 2017

Our Visit to Carson Valley

If you haven't figured it out yet we love to travel. Give us any excuse to get out of town and we will be there. Last week our older children had there last day of school and we planned a fun day trip to Carson Valley to celebrate the beginning of their summer break. We love visiting the Lake Tahoe area and never ventured into the valley. Once we did our research on we found some great restaurants and things to do, from Gardnerville to Genoa. Our adventure started in Gardnerville, NV where we found a labyrinth hidden behind their local Heritage Park. The kids found the time to walk peacefully through the labyrinth and then peak at the local garden full of fresh vegetables. 
It was an early Saturday morning and the Museum and Cultural Center wasn't opened yet. But we had fun outside ringing the bell and playing hide and go seek.
The drive through Minden was eye catching. They seem to be updating a lot of beautiful buildings. I would be interested and coming back to see what they have in store. My kids made note of the Dairy Queen. Plus we had plans to visit the Carson Valley Swim Center later in the afternoon.
^ It's pretty easy to get to Carson Valley we took highway 88 all the way up ^
We found a small hiking spot at River Fork Ranch. The view was incredible. We could see Kingsbury Grade up on the mountain, where we had played in the snow a few years back. Plus we couldn't believe that there was snow upon the mountains in JUNE!
My family and their walking sticks. It always starts with fun and games until some one gets hurt or... their stick breaks.
Practicing our balance beam technique:
After that hike we drove to Genoa where we wanted to stop for dinner and see the Oldest Thirst Parlor in Nevada. We had a slight detour at the Mormon Station. Solin was not supposed to get on that contraption. It clearly had a sign. She thought it was a wooden horse!
This was my favorite part. The kids found a lasso and started to wind it up to catch each other. It was a hoot! We found out the hard way that the rope is kind of heavy and can hurt once it hits your head a few too many times...
Hello to The Pink House! What a gem to find on this house on the main road in Genoa, NV. Never have I ever seen a pink house so pretty. It was full of character and the owner told us there was a mama deer about to have her baby. Little Solin was intrigued and tried to look for her in the back yard!
We had lunch at the Genoa Station. Which had anything and everything you could ask for. My husband and little one were able to get a veggie burger. While my son ordered a chicken club. My oldest daughter ordered a pizza bigger than her head. And I was trying to stay on my keto diet and order this delicious Club Salad that had everything I wanted:
We had our chance to see the Oldest Thirst Parlor but the kids were not able to go in. I heard a rumor that Willie Nelsons hat was up there some were next to Raquel Welches bra!
Our last stop for the day was the Carson Valley Swim Center. The thing to do before you go the the swim center is to get a nice treat at the Dairy Queen down the road. And if you believe in urban legends you must wait 30 minutes before you go swimming. At least that's what my little ones believe. 
I was very impressed at what the swim center had to offer. For our entire family it was $15 and I know we got our moneys worth. There we kiddie pools and rock climbing walls that you can dive off of. The water slides were fun...especially when you race down them!
Inside there were diving boards and another kiddie area with a splash zone for the little ones to enjoy. 
Carson Valley you won the approval of my family and we hope to visit you soon!
Thank you Visit Carson Valley NV for this opportunity!

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