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Friday, April 14, 2017

Not a Plant Lady

My husband is creating a food forrest in our back yard. We our searching for a couple pistachio trees (male & female) plus a few kiwi vines. So far we have found grapevines and even more apple trees to add to our collection. Honey crisp and golden delicious are my all time favorites. There is something about going to a nursery. I love to admire all of the gorgeous plants and how lush they are. I have never had a green thumb and I am currently trying to keep my snake plant alive. Not doing so well. My three year old daughter decided to take the scissors and give my snake plant a new hair cut... I was devastated. My husband thought it would be a good idea to tape the snake plant together. The plant wilted and died soon after. And then there was that one time when we moved and my poor fiddle leaf fig wasn't doing so well. We put him on the front porch, then again my toddler took mother nature into her own hands and fed the leaves to our goats! True Story. I might stick with annuals or even try planting bulbs later this year. But I am truly not a plant lady guys. I tried and failed:
If anything I can keep a succulent alive :)
Sometimes he just indulges me and posses for the picture:
After spending over two hours at the nursery I went home empty handed. My husband left with a few more bare root seedless Thompsons.
Although I really wanted all of these pepper plants:

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