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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Backpacking Essentials

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For my husband’s birthday we drove all the way up to Big Trees in Calaveras County. We didn’t expect snow and I am very glad I packed my backpacking essentials just in case. Over the years we have gone on some courageous escapades: Driving around the United States with our entire family packed in a mini van. Hiking up Half Dome in Yosemite. And even backpacking through Costa Rica when I was seven months pregnant. There have been a few things brought along during these exhausting trips and I have learned what is necessary and what I can leave at home. I find there are a few things I can't live without. Chapstick and sunblock are a given. I always have those in my purse no matter what. It's the little things I forget that make me lose out on those special moments. There have been times when my headaches were pounding and I had to hike to the nearest convenience store to get a pain reliever. Not anymore, I bring along Excedrin® Tension Headache (aspirin-free and for tension headaches) and Excedrin® PM Headache (nighttime headache relief to help you sleep). Usually when I have had a tough day and we have finally settled into a cozy Bed & Breakfast, that's when I take advantage of Excedrin® PM Headache. It gives me nighttime headache relief that helps me sleep. With Excedrin® it provides fast relief for different types of headaches:
What I have done is compiled a list of some of my backpacking essentials. I believe it is important to bring along each and every one of these items. I do want to make a note and inform you that these are usually only for a day hike. When I go on longer trips the list goes on and on.
  1. Map and a Compass: Before we start on our hike I usually stop at the ranger station and grab a map. This allows us to find our campsite, water or even an exit route in case an accident occurs.
  2. Excedrin®: a pain reliever that can provide fast headache relief when you really need it. I prefer to use Excedrin® because my headache demands a headache solution and I trust Excedrin® for fast headache relief. *Use as directed.
  3. Water Purifying Tablets and an Extra Foldable Water Bottle: I can store the foldable water bottle in my day back and if I run out of water I can use the tablets to purify the water. The problem with purifying the water is it takes some time before you can drink it.
  4. Bug Spray and Medicine for the After Bite: For some reason I am susceptible to mosquitos attacking me and they tend to leave my husband alone.  
  5. Biodegradable Toilet Paper: Because when nature calls it's better to have this, than to use nothing at all.
  6. Mirror: This is not for vanity. In the case of an emergency you can use the mirror to flag down someone!
  7. Soap: Another item that should be biodegradable!
  8. First Aid Kit: I like to pack my own first aid kit full of bandages, blister treatments, tweezers, multipurpose tools, whistle, and sometimes I even bring a fire starter... you will never be sorry if you end up needing that!

The list can go on and on. Honestly, I usually pack some chocolate into my backpack as well. So if you bring along these few items you won't be disappointed in your adventure!
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