THE pepper EXPRESS: Griffith Observatory

Friday, February 10, 2017

Griffith Observatory

Whenever we travel down to LA, I usually have a few things on my bucket list before I leave the city of angels. Even though we have visited the Griffith Observatory many times before, this was Solin's first time. There was so much room for her to run around aimlessly. We were able to find the orbits and Solin found her direction to stand on the orbit of the sun:
The only disappointment about the Griffith Observatory was the fog... or smog? We had a glorious idea of waking up extra early to hike up to the Griffith Observatory for sunrise. However, we were informed that the visibility would be close to zero and decided to wait it out until the actual museum opened.
No luck seeing the Hollywood sign :(
The Observatory had a renovation and has increased their exhibits in order to pursue their astronomy mission. Before we were only allowed access to the top of the observatory, but now you can walk down several flights of stairs to discover our solar system:
Solin was very impressed with this statue of Dr. Albert Einstein:
Best recommendation when going to the observatory is to go in the afternoon when the visibility of the Hollywood sign is much better. Plus you can get a great view of downtown Los Angeles too!
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