THE pepper EXPRESS: March 2017

Friday, March 24, 2017

Take Me to the Beach - Capitola Beach

A few weeks ago I was down in the dumps and not feeling so well. We had learned that I had miscarried and I was just feeling awful about it. I am very thankful for friends and family who were there for moral support, including close friends who have been in the same scenario. All of their words were encouraging and helpful. However, I couldn't get out of my slump. I needed something to lift my soul. My sweet husband gathered up a few things and made the decision to take me to the beach. We drove for two hours in smoggy traffic, through the gorgeous hills of highway 17, and even past Santa Cruz to one of my favorite destinations: Capitola. Since I was a little girl I have always imagined retiring in this town. It is a place that brings me serenity. We only stayed for three hours. And those three hours meant everything to me:
Some of my favorite restaurants are Zelda's on the Beach, Mr. Kebob and the Sotola Bar & Grille which are all located on the Esplanade. We walked along the sandy sidewalk and window shopped in all of the local boutiques.
This is my husbands: "why are you taking a photo smile"
We settled for some of Maryanne's ice cream at a local creamery and Solin and I shared some Rocky Road. Big secret: my favorite ice cream will always be rocky road or peanut butter chocolate. I have never strayed from the two. 
This is a tradition of ours to take photos in front of this sign:
There is nothing better than dipping your feet into that wet sand. 
Solin brought along a lizard figurine she has become attached to. She thinks he's the chameleon "Pascal" from Tangled.
While we were running into the water, RJ was up on the Capitola Pier taking these adorable photos of Solin and me:
The aftermath of running into the water:
Solin had an extra change of clothes, but we had forgot them in the car. On our walk back to the car she wore my sweater and looked like E.T.
One thing that I truly appreciate about this blogging community is that so many of you are willing to reach out and help somebody that you only know through social media. I really appreciate all of your kind words. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

My Life Instagrammed

The top photo was a #TBT post I did this past week on instagram. This is a photo of my mother when she was pregnant with me. Back then photos didn't come as easily as they do now. And this photo I cherish deeply. When I say back then I mean the 80's because that's when photography was fun and you were able to develop the pictures.. Now days I take hundreds of photos from a vacation only post a few on a blog post. Lately, I've taken some time away from social media and I have decided to leave my phone in the car after work. An idea that was introduced to me from listening to The Alison Show's Podcast. If there is a missed call or missed text it will be there when I check my phone before bed. The photos below are instant photos I caught during the month of March on my iPhone:
Spring has sprung here in California. You can drive an hour east and reach the snow. But if you drive and hour west you get the ocean. This is the reason I call California my home.
For my husband's birthday we had an impromptu trip up to Big Trees. The snow was unexpected and we should have came prepared. It turned out to be a good day to celebrate a birthday.
Solin and I had lunch with a friend of mine at the new Squeeze Burger. Solin had a veggie burger and I had a couple bites because it was delicious. The cheese skirt is my favorite. Another fun surprise... at our local coffee shop a friend had "Paid it Forward" and bought a steamed soy milk for Solin. Hence the Soy or Solin:
With the weather looking up. We take every chance we can to visit the nature trail at Lodi Lake with friends:
Solin riding her bike at the downtown waterfront:
On St. Patrick's Day we treated the horses with carrots and they were greedy and bit Solin's finger pretty bad. She wanted me to take the picture to show grandma. Then we headed over to our local SF Boudins and bought some Irish Soda Bread to go with our Corn Beef and Cabbage.
After the incident with the horse biting her finger Solin is more cautious when feeding the other animals:
We received some bad news a couple weeks ago and my husband knew I needed some therapy for my soul. So he took me to the beach. There is nothing better that your bare feet in the sand, especially Capitola sand:
Solin was drenched by the end of our beach retreat. She ended up taking my sweater as hers:
In the mornings we feed the horses. On occasion Solin will dress herself. This outfit is made up of her pajama bottoms with a random striped shirt plus cowboy boots. The sweater and scarf were upon my request:
Our little three year old had a birthday bash at a bowling alley. It was fun to be surrounded friends and family. The next day she woke up to wear most of her presents. Here she is as Dr. Princess Ballerina:
If you would like to follow along on instagram or any other social media outlet. You can find me @pepperexpress. I'll be popping in and out every now and then,

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