THE pepper EXPRESS: January 2017

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Napa in the Winter

Growing up in the wine country I have never actually visited Downtown Napa. We usually just drive on by when we are on our way to the beach, but never have we strolled down the gorgeous streets of Napa. When our cousins were hosting a party in Napa we took the opportunity for a mommy and daddy dinner date and decided to have a fun adventure. Once we parked in the downtown parking garage we had no clue what to do. Neither one if us had researched where to go or what to do. Luckily, the Napa visitor center was just outside of the parking garage and they recommended we eat at the Oxbow Public Market around the corner. It was a very cold and crisp evening. Both of us were bundled up and walked across the train tracks to the gorgeous Oxbow Public Market. Which has the same developer as the Ferry Building in San Francisco!
I couldn't believe my eyes when we walked pass an event venue. All of these record albums upon the wall. I was literally shopping and looking them up online. I wish I wish I could find the Mary Poppins one below and if you must know I love Joni Mitchel!
The Oxbow was a perfect place for us to choose something to eat. My husband is a vegetarian and I am currently trying a low carb keto diet. Technically, we can't eat the same things (which makes dinner very hard for our family!) I was able to get an open faced rueben sandwich minus the sourdough. And RJ found a tasty avocado tostada at C Casa 
Oh and that spice shop! My husband found his perfect little store:
My handsome honey:
I would highly recommend Ritual Coffee Roasters:
Our next big trip down to Napa will consist of staying at the Napa River Inn and riding the Napa Valley Wine Train:
My hat and sunglasses were a gift from a friend a long long time ago. The only purple felt hat I cant find online is here. My coat was delivered from Le Tote and I just had to keep it! The Jeans are Madewell which I can practically wear every day. The black turtle neck and black clogs (sold out) are from Old Navy. I am in the process of looking for a better quality clog. I have these three on my mind: one, two and three. The lipstick is ANITA from NARS. And of course the personalized tote bag is from Madewell! 
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