THE pepper EXPRESS: Color Guard Reunion in Old Sacramento

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Color Guard Reunion in Old Sacramento

Our high school reunion has come and gone a few years ago. This is our LHS color guard reunion with the girls had the best memories with in high school. It's a comfort to know that even after all of these not talking to your high school best friend that you can easily pick up and enjoy a good lunch with them. My friend Sandi and I have stayed close throughout the years. However, I was only able to keep in touch with Kristen and Jessica through social media. Each one of them have traveled all over the world and we always seem to come back to our little home town. Bringing my little one along made the day even better. We had three of our babies with us while we toured the historical downtown of Old Sacramento. Years and years ago I can reminisce on field trips we had taken here... and that was a long long time ago.
We ran into the cutest little boy. His name was Rowan (which was a boy name I was contemplating for Solin!) He was the same age as Solin and they were friends immediately:
All of us and our babies:
My two best friends from high school Kristen and Sandi:
It was a good day to talk about memories and enjoy the crisp weather. Hopefully it doesn't take us another twelve years to see each other again.

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