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Monday, November 7, 2016

My Life #Instagrammed

Moving back to my hometown has been a dream. There have been many many times during my child hood where I didn't want to be stuck in this little town. But moving back brings back all of the fond memories I was able to share with my mother and sisters. We get to go to the park where I celebrated my 5th birthday. We get to go to the library and hear stories from the same Mrs. Patty who read me stories when I was little. Plus we get to go and eat at all of my favorite nostalgic restaurants I couldn't live with out. Here are a few photos from my instagram reel where we get to enjoy my hometown glory:
Rainy Days are full of jumping in puddles but we still have to feed the goats above!
These past two months have been hard for our family. We had our grandma and one of our closest friends pass away. The photo below is at Mickey's celebration of life. Solin was able to bring some happiness to the party:
Once a week we try and make it to the story time at our local library. We get there a little early so we can have our own seats. Otherwise, Solin is not happy. She's basically like an only child and doesn't know how to share. So, taking her to story time is her only social engagement. 
The season to make caramel apples:
The country life suits Solin very well:
Above: Early morning wake up call to watch Corey on a rainy Friday morning, which called for a Starbucks stop for hot cocoa and a chili mocha for me!
Below: Solin fell asleep on our way to celebrate a birthday. Instead of keeping her in the stroller we made a comfy bed out of the booth:
I love taking Solin to Lodi Lake where I grew up. The tree above is the same tree I climbed on when I was in kindergarten and we went on a field trip to the Nature Trail.
I have this thing with shoes:
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