THE pepper EXPRESS: Halloween Recap

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Recap

I started my brain storming for Solin's Costume way back in September. I bought her a gorgeous blue dress with a white collar and then I searched thrift stores and the internet for a straw hat. I thought it would be adorable if Solin was Madeline for Halloween. I found an easy yellow straw hat on Amazon and ordered it from there. But for some reason the hat was going to ship form China and wouldn't be here until November! What? My search continued. I found this adorable kitty dress from Brickyard Buffalo and went from there. It wasn't until the week of Halloween when we were talking about Halloween costumes when my sister in law said Solin should be a frog! Gosh, why didn't I think of that. Literally it would make Solin's dreams come true if she could be a frog for Halloween. (BTW Solin catches frogs out on the ranch daily.) Now here I am scrambling at the last minute to find a DIY frog costume. Surprising my sister Katie found the mask at a thrift store and I bought Solin's dress and tights here and here. Her gloves were a random find at Walmart and her Hunter Boots are what she wears daily. There she was a frog for trunk or treating on Saturday, while mommy and daddy went out to their Halloween Party. Unfortunately, the green tights were ruined from the rain. SO, Solin ended up being my little kitty after all. And the saddest of news is that I still haven't received that yellow hat!
Now that we live out in the country we must venture into the city to go trick or treating:
Since Halloween is always such a hustle and bustle we stopped at Smack Pie and created our own little pizzas. My husband creates his own with too many toppings and then I order the Lodi Grape Pizza with apples and walnuts. It is incredible. They use a delicious blanca sauce with blue cheese!
After all of the candy and trick or treating, Solin was pooped:
Here are a few of our other costumes:
My husbands James bond costume was easy to recreate. He used his tux from his high school prom and we found these frozen martini glasses here. Then he used a simple paint ball gun as a prop:
With all of my planning for Solin's costume, I forgot to plan mine. Last minute I scrambled and borrow this costume from my mother in law: Carrie!
The other party goers: Bob Ross and Stella
If you would like to see some of our previous Halloween shenanigans click here and here!

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