THE pepper EXPRESS: Disneyland 2016 and #SoFabUOTR

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Disneyland 2016 and #SoFabUOTR

Back in February I had bought my SoFabU on the Road tickets for October and that's when I started planning our trip down to LA. My idea was to hit Disneyland during Halloween time. In September I was gifted a Disneyland Ticket for my birthday and I knew we were definitely going the day after SoFabUOTR! We stayed in Anaheim and commuted to Long Beach for the blogging event. And while I was at the convention RJ and Solin toured Long Beach:
A few of my favorite things right now: Haribo gummy alphabet letters and this book: Going to Disneyland! Plus how rare is it to find pay phones?
Onward to Disneyland
The day before at SoFabU I had informed one of my managers to be at the Disneyland gate at 7:30 am. Then walk to the ropes at 8 am. And once the rope drops run to Peter Pan's Flight. This is the only way you will be able to ride Peter Pan's Flight with out a wait. The next morning when we hit the Peter Pan's line they were in line too. It was a great surprise! 
The we were able to ride Pinocchio, Snow White and Dumbo within ten minutes.
And Peter Pan himself was goofing around in Fantasyland:
While my husband ran to get Fast Passes for the Haunter Masion, Solin and I rode the tea cups and wondered around the Mad Hatter store. 
RJ was back in time to ride Alice in Wonderland
Then we walked onto It's a Small World:
By the time we were able to use our fast passes, the line had reach 2 hours. I am telling you, Please use the fast past system. We were able to walk up and give them our fast passes and get on the ride. No need to wait in a 2 hour line.
We were also able to have three fast passes at once. At this point we were about to ride Star Tours, when my husband had used his ticket to get a Big Thunder Mountain Fass Pass. And then I use my ticket to get a Space Mountain Fast Pass. Also another way to take advantage of the wait times is to use the ride switch pass... more on that later
Last year at Disneyland Solin did the same thing. She wants to climb Tarzan's Treehouse by herself:
To use the Ride Switch Pass at Disneyland you walk up to the cast member who is manning their station. You must have the other parent and child present. Then ask may I have a Ride Switch Pass. They now require the other parent to be there. This is the best way to utilize your time in the park when you have a toddler or infant.
While Solin napped we took our turns on Space Mountain and I was able to ride in the front. This is always a feat for me!
By the way Space Mountain has always taken great photos of me. Just check out this Meme HERE!
Their Halloween cups are Awesome:
I has bought Solin a Bantha Blue French Toast Breakfast in Tomorrowland. But she only wanted my Churro... so  we traded.
Gaston is a little intimidating:
After riding about twelve differnet rides we took the monorail to Downtown Disney where we had lunch at Earl of Sandwich and then walked back to our place for some down time.
We made it back to the Disneyland turn style after 6pm for the parade. The lights were starting to turn on and Disneyland magic was working: 
Another recommendation is to park your stroller and sit on the balcony near It's a Small World for the parade.
While watching the parade, Solin was so excited she was pulling my hair:
When you drive over 400 miles and your daughter still wants to ride the horsies:
It was a good day at Disneyland. I managed to escape with a bruise the size of a quarter and some missing hair. 
The next morning we scheduled a character breakfast at the Storeyteller's Cafe in Disney's California Grand Hotel. It was call Chip & Dale's Critter Breakfast. Each character was wonderful with Solin. She loved it so much she almost fell asleep in Chip's arms:
You can tell Chip & Dale apart by their nose and teeth!
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