THE pepper EXPRESS: Things I've Googled This Week

Monday, September 19, 2016

Things I've Googled This Week

This photo is from our Road Trip and I can't wait to share the blog post with you!
  1. My 15 year old son told me that cow tipping was a myth. And reading this article confirms that. 
  2. For months I have been looking for clogs. I have had my eye on these for the longest but I just couldn't justify the price. So I found these instead. 
  3. Christmas is less than 100 days away and I have these three things on my mind for family members: one, two and three!
  4. We are planning an October trip to Disneyland and I have been pinning up a storm. Check out my pinterest feed here. Whenever I usually google an image it hyperlinks me back to pinterest.
  5. Since we have been traveling so much I have wanted to buy a makeup bag that worked best. And this one has caught my eye. I love anything recommended from modfamily.
  6. I am absolutely blown away from this new Emoticode app.  If you ever want to know what someone is wearing on snapchat or how to buy it. You just take a screen shot of their emoticode and follow the steps on the app. I knew they were going to affiliate snapchat somehow. But this is pure genius!
  7. Also does anyone have any recommendations for restaurants in Long Beach? I have a blog conference to go to in two weeks and I'll be spending the weekend around LA. This 24 hour cupcake ATM is on my list!
  8. Yay! For Kate Mckinnon for winning her Emmy! She is one of the reasons I love to watch SNL.
  9. Speaking of the Emmys and Jimmy Kimmel. You should watch this clip from Ellen, when they play live would you rather. I couldn't stop laughing!
  10. And if your not watching Stranger Things on Netflix... GET ON THAT BANDWAGON!
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