THE pepper EXPRESS: What I've Googled This Week

Thursday, July 28, 2016

What I've Googled This Week

 This is our first week back home and my first week with actual wifi I can depend on. There will be many many road trip posts coming up. But right now I just need to get a few things out:
  1. With our recent move I have realized that we have too much stuff. Unpacking each box is making me crazy. That's why I have researched a few books to help me minimize our belongings: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up & The More of Less.
  2. After traveling all over the western states I have realized that I just want to live in Birkenstocks. They support my arch and I can run, walk and even hike in them! These ones are in my cart right now: Birkenstock Milano Sandal!
  3. I took too many bags with me on this road trip and realized that I need to consolidate all of my things in one bag and then carry around one bag for my toddler. The Fawn Design diaper bag was the best thing I could have bought for the trip. I had it shipped to my parents house in Montana and it was great for biking, hiking or even stuffed in the back seat!
  4. Bet you didn't know I was a Merle Haggard fan! Yup Yup I want this shirt asap. So I can wear it while playing his records and trying really really trying. 
  5. Things to avoid eating when you are trying to get pregnant. I honestly think my coffee intake is hindering my fertility. But then if you read back on this post the odds are not in our favor. It was a 40% chance to have Solin. And here we are two years later and trying. 
  6. Wes Ander-Thon weekend in San Francisco is kicking off in August. I would love to go.
  7. Potty Training advice! I have had numerous response on this one. We had a hard time potty training while on the road. Solin used training pull-ups most of the time. Now that we are home we are going to try the run around naked method and see if that works for a day?
  8. What to do in Seattle in one day. We were in Seattle for less than 12 hours and we were able to visit the Troll, Gas Works Park, Pikes Place, The Original Starbucks and even the Space Needle. The traffic was horrendous on a Friday but we managed to get through everything on our Seattle bucket list. 
  9. Best way to make Peach Cobbler. When we came home from our road trip we had an overload of peaches from our tree. These two recipes (here and here) have helped us eat our way through the peach tree.
  10. Farmer Market Recipes. Tonight is our local Farmer's Market and I plan to make a few recipes from It's All Easy or some from one of my favorite bloggers here!
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