THE pepper EXPRESS: Dear New Mommies Who Have Thinning Hair

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dear New Mommies Who Have Thinning Hair

This post was sponsored on behalf of NIOXIN. All opinions stated are my own.
There is something that most women don't talk about postpartum. Even though you might want to pull your hair out the truth is your hair just falls out. You will start to notice it in the shower. Then you will find random strands on your pillow or even on your couch. Then bald spots start appearing and you realize that breast feeding your baby is literally sucking the life out of you. Your hair starts thinning and most of the time your hair looks like it hasn't been washed in three to four days. Ladies I have a suggestion: Check out this Consultation Tool with NIOXIN to find the solution for your specific hair. When I completed the consultation they recommended System Kit 5. Now I took part in a 30 day challenge and used these products in my daily regimen and my result made me very happy:
The three step system includes Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment. Nioxin has guaranteed to deliver thicker, fuller, and denser looking hair: 
I usually take my showers at night and when I was introduced to the Night Density Rescue Treatment I knew it was perfect for me. I take two drops of the serum and massage it into my scalp. The Key Ingredients include Biotin and Vitamin E. This technology promotes hair density by delivering antioxidants to the scalp surface*
In the morning when I wake up I then use the Bodifying Foam and spread it throughout my hair and then blow dry my hair to create some body. NIOXIN has taken on the 3D approach to hairstyling. The three aspects of hair thinning include Derma, Density, and Diameter. The Derma helps with the scalp environment. The Density creates a lightweight styler that helps protect against hair loss due to thinning.  The Diameter makes your hair look as if it increased by diameter. 
Here is my hair once I have used all of the products and blow dried it. The next step is to style it with my hot tool.
I use a simple 1 inch hot tool and curl my hair into ringlets then I comb my fingers through my hair to create some beach waves:
 I encourage you to take the NIOXIN 30 day challenge and share your results on social media using the hashtag #NIOXINChallenge. 

*For more information call 1-800-628-9890 or visit
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