THE pepper EXPRESS: Tillamook, Oregon is a Very Cheesy Place

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tillamook, Oregon is a Very Cheesy Place

While on our Oregon road trip we had to stop in Tillamook, Oregon to taste their cheese! They have a huge factory there and you can take a self guided tour to learn about the history of Tillamook. Honestly, I only wanted the cheese! Solin had a blast running around the factory. We had a good look at how they create cheese curd and how they package the block cheese. Afterwards my father made a b line straight to the Tillamook ice cream counter. And I sought out the cheese curds. Have you ever tried cheese curds... oh my they are delicious. The only problem during this visit is Solin is lactose intolerant. She practically gets constipated looking at cheese. Poor baby was hurting. We are very careful of what she eats. However, when she is around her grandparents they seem to sneak her treats that she can not eat. Anyways, back to photos of Tillamook:
Solin and Papa John:
watching them package the cheese curd:
Completely perplexed at the factory scene below her:
After seeing enough cheese, she was more excited about the 'horseys' in the info graphs:
Samples, samples and more SaMpLeS: 
This is when Solin was going through it. I usually have to hold her and comfort her during the worst part. Do any mommies out there have any suggestions on constipation in toddlers?
I bought a few souvenirs from Tillamook:
Tillamook, Oregon is a great place to stop if you are taking a road trip up the Oregon coast. Make sure to stop there early in the day because they get very busy around lunch. Also order your lunch before everyone else does. They have killer grilled cheese sandwiches!
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