THE pepper EXPRESS: "HEY YOU GUYS!" We went to Astoria, OR!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

"HEY YOU GUYS!" We went to Astoria, OR!

When we planned our road trip up the pacific coast we knew the home of 'The Goonies' was a must. However we actually didn't know what to do when we got there. We stopped at the visitors center and the lady there gave us some great tourist destinations around town. Although most of The Goonies locations were filmed in LA. We were still able to run around and enjoy the Northern Oregon weather. Our first stop was the Astoria Column which was built over 90 years ago. The views from up there were incredible.  You could see all the way across the bay to Cape Disappointment (which is a real thing!) We learned a lot about Lewis and Clark and nothing about The Goonies. We were only informed that the home used in the movie was shut down because of the angry owner. We had more fun driving down town and walking along the pier to see the sea lions... Lots and lots of photos... sorry that I am not sorry for posting so much:
While my husband stands there and reads every info graph; Solin and I are running around like hooligans playing tag with my dad!
There are over 164 steps in this Astoria Column and Solin climbed them all:
She made it to the top and she was SO proud:
The view from the top:
That's my hubby all the way up there. Solin made it to the top, however, mommy is afraid of heights and we came down real quick. I never know that I am afraid of heights until I am put in this kind of predicament.
Papa and Solin goofing around:
We parked near the pier and heard the loud sea lions barking from the street. Solin was amused and thought they were dogs.
Always nerve racking running after this little one:
And one more photo of The Goonies house because that's all we got :(:
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