THE pepper EXPRESS: 9 Year Anniversary in Carmel

Friday, May 13, 2016

9 Year Anniversary in Carmel

A month later and I am finally able to compile some pictures from our anniversary weekend away. It was a true surprise when my husband initially told me we were going camping. We made the plans for the kids to stay with their grandma. We drove the 3 hours south and found ourselves in Downtown Monterey. My husband told me we were stopping for dinner before we reach our final destination. Once we got out of the car I had to go to the bathroom immediately. We walked into a coffee shop and they said no public restrooms. Then we walked past the Monterey Hotel and my husband said "there must be a bathroom in there." We walked along the Victorian hallway of the Monterey Hotel  and found ourselves at the desk of a concierge man. When my husband, RJ, opened his mouth I thought he was going to ask for a bathroom, instead he asked to check in! It takes a lot to surprise me and usually my husband is the only person who can get by with a sneaky surprise. This was a good one. 

That night we walked along the Fisherman's Wharf and couldn't decide upon a restaurant for dinner. There were too many fish options and nothing for vegetarians. As I walked past a teal restaurant called Abalonetti I knew that was going to be the place for dinner just because their Bloody Mary's looked delicious! I had the Rockfish while my husband had the grilled eggplant. And yes their Bloody Mary's are incredible. 
The next day my husband signed us up for a bike ride.. on a Schwinn Tandem! Originally it was my idea. But usually on vacation I like to relax and chill... not go on a 17 mile bike ride! The Schwinn was a birthday present from my dad last year and was just hanging in our garage all by itself. My husband fixed it up and we were able to ride it from Monterey to Carmel by the Sea! The down side was that the Schwinn didn't change gears, so when we were riding up hill it was very difficult. The upside was a truly beautiful bike ride with my adventure loving husband:
We carried a picnic basket on the back of the tandem. In our basket we had water bottles, prosciutto, cheese and crackers. We kept some room in our basket just in case we wanted to buy some souvenirs... like wine or something. 
I like to wrap my prosciutto around my brie like this:
We window shopped and people watched:
And I found an ivy bush that I fell in love with:
We asked a couple locals what they would recommend for lunch and they talked highly of Dametra Cafe! I was craving a gyro and my husband was able to enjoy the vegetarian falafel:
I realized that there were too many photos from this post...
to be continued...
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