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Friday, April 22, 2016

Mommy Blogger Started Kit

Mommy Blogger Started Kit

Full disclosure... I am not a hypocrite. I actually have all of these items. But after blogging for the last couple years, I have realized that I have been susceptible to advertising from other mommy bloggers. I have a handful of mommy and lifestyle bloggers that I love to follow. Each and every day there is another story that I love to read. I like how everyone gets to share their individual lives in each and every way. I have just noticed a few items that follow a trend. Personally, all of these products are great quality and I totally would recommend them all to anyone who has the money to purchase them. However just be cautious of how much money you are spending when you follow these bloggers. Including my self. I often have links and sponsored posts here, in which I am occasionally compensated. Be careful with your time and money. Don't go into debt just because you GOTTA HAVE the best new hat from Madewell. Make sure you are financially stable and you are able to afford these items. There was a point when I was charging everything on my credit cards and my husband and I had to start talking about finances and how we handle them. This is an on going conversation of course. 
What I am trying to preach is: keep an eye out on the items that truly stand out to you as an individual. The reason I compiled this list is because I realized I wasn't an individual for buying all of these products. I am one in the same as the next blogger. Ladies be different. Make sure your blog is about you. Don't try and be somebody your not. Be you!

(If you purchased everything on this list it would be: $2,850. You could go on vacation. You could put that money towards your dream wedding. What about that laptop that you want? Invest in something for yourself.)
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