THE pepper EXPRESS: Hiking Multnomah Falls

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hiking Multnomah Falls

Our original plan was to fly Southwest up to Portland, Oregon. However, the plane flights are usually cheaper if you buy them three months in advance instead of the week before. So Plan B was to drive 10 hours straight up I-5 and get there by my sister's birthday. We left on Friday by 5 pm and drove straight until we hit a rest stop. We took a little nap, then drove another 3 hours the next morning to Vancouver, WA where my sister lives. We arrived around lunch time. Immediately after lunch my dad recommended going to Multnomah Falls. We were all for it until he said we were going to hike it. We didn't bring the hiking backpack for the baby, so each one of us took turns holding Solin once she fell asleep. It was a simple 2 mile hike that was moderate. Although it was up hill both ways we had a giddy ole time talking and getting soaked by the falls. This is definitely a hike I would recommend for any age!
My dad spoiling Solin with rock candy:
Love LOVE these photos:
She fell asleep before we hit the mile marker:
Here is a photo of my step mother, me, my sister Katie and my dad. We all made it to the top.
I was too scared to look down the falls. So I took a photo instead:
This hike was so worth it. My dad is  60 years old and he was able to do. I highly recommend it!

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