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Friday, February 12, 2016

What I've Googled This Week

It's no joke when you are sicker than a dog and you are searching webMD and it tells you that you're dieing! About a week ago I felt like death. I had body aches and a running nose. My fatigue was allowing me to sleep in 12 hour increments. When I googled my symptoms google claimed I had Mono. I knew it was a bug that would pass until my husband and my two daughters came down with it. We let it run it's course. But it was awful to see my little toddler cuddling into my arms from the sickness. Needless to say that I took a small hiatus from posting on here because I had no energy to do anything. We literally slept all day long. But I did have time to catch up on some shows and internet shop while I couch surfed:

  1. Favorite new show: The Blacklist. I don't know if you have Amazon Prime or Netflix. But this show has got me hooked. I was pretty thrilled to catch season three live the other day. We broke down and bought a Digital Antenna. We have always refused to subscribe to any cable source. But since we have Amazon Videos and Netflix we thought Why Not?
  2. While I was sick I lived off of Emergen-C. This would give me the energy to get off the couch and fold laundry or even walk outside and feel the warmth of the sun... even though I was still in my pajamas and slippers it was still quite nice.
  3. New Diy project for my fireplace will include the Rust-Oleum High Heat Enamel Spray. Our fireplace in our living room is outdated with tile and gold trim. My new project was inspired by Chris and Julia's look here!
  4. Just received an email informing me that the new Sonnet James Website is up with some new dresses! Last year I bought the Piper dress and wish I could wear that everyday. This season I have my eye on the Reese and the Remi. All of these dresses look amazing with Salt Water Sandals!
  5. Let's talk about clogs for a minute. Ever since the fall I have wanted a pair of comfy clogs. I'm not talking about the kind of clogs your mom or nurses wear. I'm talking about Swedish Hasbeens. But the price tag of $200 kind of scares me. They have adorable Swedish Clogs at Even these ones on Modcloth are interesting! I might cave and buy those Swedish Hasbeens though :) Suggestions?
  6. Other movies on our play list are: Snow White, Cinderella, Tangled and Princess and the Frog. Maybe I'm a little biased on the disney movies. But it's so cute to see Solin yell "Punzel!" when watching Tangled.
  7. There is a new trend on Instagram that I'm stuck on @Letterfolkco. I would love to have this hanging around the house with wise ass comments on it. I did find some other alternate ones here and here... but Letterfolk is truly the best!
  8. Current books that are in my audible library: The Goldfinch and The Girl on the Train. But I think I might reread The Time Traveler's Wife! Because I can watch that movie over and over again... but the book is always better.
  9. Travel destinations to Canada. Any suggestions? Vancouver, Victoria or even Banff?
  10. The best for last. I will be hosting my sister's baby shower next month and can't wait to surprise her with the 'Ahoy it's a Boy' theme! I have looked around at different party supply stores and haven't had much luck finding simple and classy decorations. I did find some fishnets here which I will use as a table runner. Our favors will be anchor bottle openers that will be presented in cute little muslin bags. I am so thrilled to be hosting this baby shower because I am finally going to be an auntie!
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