THE pepper EXPRESS: Let's go to the San Francisco Zoo on Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Let's go to the San Francisco Zoo on Valentine's Day!

Grandma Lexie spent the winter up in Washington freezing her butt off. Once she came back she requested to take Solin to the Zoo. The best Zoo around is the San Francisco Zoo of course. Valentine's Day was the day we chose to go and the sun was beaming above us. A perfect day full of 70 degree sunshine. We arrived at 10 am when the park opened and the crowds were scarce. I had only been to the San Francisco Zoo once when I was a child. So this visit felt brand new to me. Once we were inside Solin and Grandma ran to see the zebras and giraffes. I loved the happiness that both of them shared. I spent the day technically being their paparazzi throughout the park. When I finally got a chance to look at these photos I was sad that we only had one photo of me and Solin. But, truly this trip was for Grandma and Solin. And here are the photos:
Three Generations: Grandma, Grandson, and Great Granddaughter:
Look how happy Grandma is in this photo. It makes my heart melt. Solin was full of excitement looking at the zebras.
While we walked from exhibit to exhibit, Solin would climb into the Bugaboo stroller and act like she was the king of the world. ( she obviously doesn't get the Titanic reference, she was actually trying to fly like a bird.)
Both Grandma and Solin were jumping with joy after seeing the giraffes:
Honestly Ostriches scare me. They look prehistoric and look like they can peck my face off. I kept my distance.
Look it how green everything was:
I posted this on my Instagram. But, when I was younger my little sister would make fun of me and call me a giraffe. She would say that I had a long neck and freckles like a giraffe. At that time I hated my freckles. Now I love them and giraffes:
These monkeys were chasing each other and started to get into it. They would throw dirt and toys at each other. Good thing there was glass between us. 
While watching the monkeys Solin became one herself:
Hanging out under the banana leafs:
Solin's shirt is old from Old Navy, her jeans are Levi's and her sandals are Salt Waters. My dress is from Sonnet James.
Oh the flamingoes! How beautiful are they?
The playground was the highlight of Solin's day. She spent most of her time hogging the slide and falling off that dizzy flower thingy:
RJ loves the Rain Forest Exhibit. If you can look at the top of the trees and see the birds... those are his favorite part:
This is also where solin found a new love for snakes... and Grandma was like "I'm out of here!"
Also new favorite book right now: Brown Bear, Brown Bear. What do you see? This specific book has a slide and find that is interactive for Solin. She loves the ending when we get to see the teacher!
My love Salt Water Sandals has increased over the past year. I now own three pair!
The chimps were celebrating Valentine's Day too! One of them was carrying a heart shaped valentine around:
We ended our trip in the gift shop where Grandma wanted to buy everything for Solin. Who can blame her. Solin fell int love with the giraffe and brown bear stuffed animals and she would say " Giraffe pease? Bear Peeeeeaaaaasssse?"
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