THE pepper EXPRESS: Ready to hit the Slopes?

Friday, January 15, 2016

Ready to hit the Slopes?

I wasn't lying to you when I said that we will be going to Lake Tahoe a lot this season. We went last weekend and here we are planning our annual ski trip. These are a few things I like to take with me while I am skiing. I like to carry a Camelbak with water and snacks. Usually we climb the slopes so high that we find ourselves at a random resort and stay there for a while. I like to bring my stuff with me, just in case we get lost or end up at a different lift. And looking at the maps on Heavenly; there are a few different gondolas that take you up. So I don't want to loose my team mates. Plus it never hurts to bring a few Clif Bars with you... I hate being Hangry!
Ready to hit the Slopes!
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