THE pepper EXPRESS: Boulder Climbing in Columbia Historic State Park

Friday, January 1, 2016

Boulder Climbing in Columbia Historic State Park

Hey first day of the year! You were freezing cold! What happened to that warm California Winter? 
Our family woke up feeling sleep deprived from the night before. New Year's Eve is always hard on me and the baby. I actually fell asleep after watching the Time Square Ball Drop at 9 pm pst! I couldn't make it to midnight. Solin wanted to stay up because Carlie had her friends over, and of course Solin wants to do everything her big sister does. Carlie even has her saying "Selfie" now! Since we had the day off I wanted our family to have a fun field trip together. So we all jumped in the car and drove to Columbia Historic State Park. It was a long drive but nice a relaxing. We stopped and bought tri-tip sandwiches at the local market. Grabbed a jug of sweet tea and we were ready for a day out. A couple things we forgot: gloves, thick coats, warm socks, and blankets. We didn't know it was going to be freezing. Literally, when we got out of the car it said 39 degrees! When Solin's teeth started to chatter, we thought lets find shelter and get some sarsaparillas. Nope. The tavern that usually serves the delicious root beer sarsaparilla was closed because it was NEW YEAR'S DAY. We ended up making our own fun running around the boulders. We were in Columbia for merely 45 minutes when we decided to take the 2 hour drive back home :( However, I brought my camera and took some fun photos: 
Can I have this bike? I really want this bike:

Little Solin Grey sporting her jean jacket from Levi's. I love their new kids collection. All of their jeans are made with the best quality and are perfect for Solin to run around and climb all over things:
There they go again... Big sis & Lil sis:
You can see how cold it was by Deans posture and my husband in the background covered up like he was in Antarctica:
The boulders in Columbia have always scared me. Even when I went in elementary school, I felt that they were too high to climb on. And now my little ones are running around playing hide and seek on them:
She was yelling "SISSY SISSY!"
Provided by Levi's
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