THE pepper EXPRESS: 48 hours in South Lake Tahoe

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

48 hours in South Lake Tahoe

Another Lake Tahoe post. Sorry that I'm not sorry for posting so much about Lake Tahoe. If we could we would move there. However it's too far from family. So we just use as much vacation time as we can driving up the icing roads to visit this beautiful frozen lake. This specific trip was designated for family only. In lieu of buying christmas gifts for the in laws we decided to rent a cabin thirteen people. Since I had taken the day off from work we gave the option to the kids if they wanted to play hookie from school and leave early on Friday for the family vacation. Dean was all for it. But Carlie who is the over achiever in the family; did not want to miss a day of school to ruin her perfect attendance. More power to her! We dropped Carlie off at school and drove the 3 hours it takes to get to South Lake Tahoe and enjoyed some fun on the frozen beach before we could check into our cabin.
And of course we brought our sleds. There is a bought ramp that is located near the El Dorado Recreation Area that allows you to walk down to the lake. We chose to sled down the incline. Our first attempt was to walk down the stairs, that resulted in my husband slipping and busting his elbow open. Lesson learned! We had more fun using the sleds anyways:
Solin enjoyed a free ride down the slope. She held on tight while I pulled her down the boat ramp:
Can you believe this view? It felt like we were walking through an Arctic Tundra. The beach was completely frozen over. There was no sand to be found. 
Lake Tahoe is very sentimental for us. We can't help but get romantic when we visit this gorgeous tundra:
It was nice to spend one on one time with Dean. When we go on vacation we usually have all three kids with us or just Solin. Having Dean's undivided attention was nice for a change. Carlie ended up driving up with her Auntie Heather later that night. So she was able to enjoy the festivities.
So proud of Solin and the way she takes initiative to be just like her older siblings. She does it in her own way and I love it. Here she is throwing snowballs as if she was Babe Ruth and pulling our sleds as if she was in the movie Iron Will.
Dean has grown into such a distinguished young man. He is a big help with little Solin and we love the comedy that he brings to our family.  
We had such a great time wandering around the beach that the boys started creating silly games with the lake buoy:
I was told not to wear my Hunter Boots because my feet would freeze. I think wearing them was the best decision ever. Solin has a miniature pair of Hunter Boots and I am glad she wore her's too! We doubled up on our wools socks, this allowed our feet to be warm and toasty.
Solin's overalls were thrifted from when we were in Montana. Which was one of the best finds. We bought the overalls a size bigger so she can wear them next year too! My father gave Solin the beanie and gloves for Christmas. And the scarf around her neck was hand made by one of my mom's friends. She was bundled up to the max and the weather was actually a little to warm for us. The warm sun was shining on top of the snow at a level to give us sunburns!
Solin thinks it's hilarious every time Dean jumps over her. He gets a running start and she ducks while he gallops over her like a ground pole. 
It took us a while to get this photo... but here it is:
Both of my Randalls:
Once we reached the actual water we found a few icebergs along the beach. This is when I was very happy to have worn my Hunter Boots!
There was a point when the iceberg started to float away and I had to jump back on the the frozen beach:
The trip wouldn't be complete without a snowball fight. Hosted by Randall Dean the Third himself:

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