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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Things I Google

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My computer history is more sporadic than most people. I often google a symptom or a mind boggling question that I need the universe to answer. I want to shine light on some of my favorites and some that make me laugh:
  1. Diptyque Vetyverio: This scent is amazing compared to any other commercialized perfume I have smelled. When I bought this last week at Barney's I felt like I was buying a grown up version of perfume. Considering the price and all. I usually stick with a floral perfume from Marc Jacobs but I am truly in love with the Diptyque VetyverioPhylosykosplus this candle! Another fragrance I am crushing over right now is Flowerbomb, Maybe it's because every where I go there is a billboard or advertisement for it. But truly this perfume has me asking for samples where ever I go!
  2. Nike runners or New Balance Tennis Shoes? I have a new subscription to Fabletics and I enjoy receiving new work out clothes. The only problem is I need the shoes to go with the outfit. My old Nikes from three years ago have done their time and I need a new pair. Which one should I choose? The Nike runners or New Balance Tennis Shoes? Also I'm liking these ones from JCrew
  3. L.L.Bean Boots and Pajamas: I wanted to order these for my sisters up in Montana for Christmas. But they are on back order and won't be here in time for the holidays. However the pajamas are right on schedule!
  4. Lo & Sons Catalina Tote: I've watch this video several times now and I know I can fit way more stuff into that bag! When I had a layover in Salt Lake City I had a good conversation with a woman who had this bag. This bag would be perfect for any weekend getaway! 
  5. The Kinfolk Table: I started following Kinfolk on Instagram a while back. I wish I could entertain like they do. 
  6. Shaker Style: My husband has this simple shaker style. He has always wanted out house to have the bare minimum. And I have always over decorated our home. I guess that's why they say opposites attract. But now I am beginning to understand the simplicity of a Shaker Style Home. 
  7. Large Planner: I looked every where for a simple planner. And I found this one that is perfect to organize my blogging schedule to play dates! I can keep it in my tote with me wherever I go.
  8. Palm Springs: Earlier this year in January we took a family vacation to Palm Springs. We left our cold cold weather in Northern California and enjoyed the average temperatures down in the desert. I want to go back. I have made Joshua Tree my back ground on my computer because I miss that lovely place!
  9. Ovulation Calculator: This ones just not fair anymore. 
  10. The Girl on The Train: Thank you audible for letting me enjoy my book club while commuting! This book is on my schedule to read after Paper Towns and The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry.

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