THE pepper EXPRESS: Taking Stock

Friday, December 11, 2015

Taking Stock

Cooking: Sweater Shaped Sugar Cookies... For an Ugly Sweater Cookie Contest
Drinking: Twinnings English Breakfast Tea. I use two bags in to make it even stronger!
Reading: Jane Eyre by Emily Bronte at the recommendation of my little sister Katie. 
Wanting: To travel or visit the snow. I can't wait for January when we go to the cabin!
Looking: forward to a new year with new adventures. And Solin's Face on Christmas morning.
Playing: Hnefatafl a Norwegian board game my husband introduced to me. 
Wasting: my time on the internet when I should be cleaning
Wishing: for another baby... always
Enjoying: Friday nights with the family
Waiting: FedEx to show up with more packages full of presents
Liking: our matching pajamas. Although the older kids don't want anything to do with them
Wondering: How many freckles will Solin have when she grows up
Loving: with my winter down comforter.
Hoping: that it rains more this season
Marveling: over how much cash our 15 year old son received for his birthday. #Whoa
Needing: another international vacation
Smelling: Nordic Pine a candle that was gifted to me
Wearing: my black smoking flats and thinking I should put on slippers instead
Following: @IHaveThisThingWithFloors because I do and I love all of the photos!
Noticing: that someone used a red marker on the couch :(
Knowing: I will be turning 30 in 2016
Thinking: of planning a vacation to Norway or Canada
Feeling: truly blessed with my family
Bookmarking: favorite bloggers like and
Opening: Pocky chocolate biscuit sticks
Giggling: when Carlie and Solin take a selfie together. Twelve years difference between them
Feeling: overwhelmed with how much wrapping I have to do for the holidays
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