THE pepper EXPRESS: O Christmas

Saturday, December 26, 2015

O Christmas

It's no secret that we love Christmas over here. This being Solin's second Christmas is what everyone is so excited about. Last year I opened all of her presents while she didn't even care what was in the bags. This year she knows that the gifts are for her and she knows exactly what to do to open them. Our Christmas vacations weekend is usually jammed packed by going to over four different house, seven houses for Carlie and Dean. So we try and get the most fun out of each house. This holiday season our first stop was at Grandma and Grandpa's house, which is where we like to gather and eat a delicious lunch with everyone before we start opening presents. We make room for everyone to sit in the living room and we start handing out a gift for everyone:
This is one of my favorite traditions. It the initials of all of my children:
Solin has never been a bottle baby. She went from being breast fed straight to the sippy cup:
At Granma's house Solin has a collection of toys. This stroller she has become very fond of... because she likes to sit in it herself :)
She's was playing shy before she started opening her gifts. Because all eyes and iPhones were on her:
The older they get the more they refuse to take photos:
Every year we try to stick to a fun gift tradition.... the hippopotamus!
Grandma always knows how to wrap a beautiful bow:
Grandma was thrilled to give Solin her present. Thank you Grandma Lexie for giving her the noisiest toy this year!!! Solin loves it!
RJ and Carlie are very modest about opening gifts:
It was nap time for Solin but she wasn't going down without a fight:
One of the most creative gifts was the cactus terrarium that my husband made for his sister:
After all the planning and stressing to find the perfect gifts... this is usually the aftermath:
And after Solin received over ten different toys.... she still wants to play with my camera on my phone:
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