THE pepper EXPRESS: Christmas Card Fail

Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Card Fail

Every year I schedule family photos for our Christmas cards. Every year, everyone is miserable taking the family photos. We have a few photos that turned out, but honestly it feels like pulling teeth when we have to gather all five of us together and try and smile at the same time. It seems that the photos that are taken out of context always turn out the best. We scheduled our photos to be taken at Lodi Lake with my friend Jessica and her family. By the time we started taking the photos people were already hangry and cranky. Here are some of the photos from that day:
Honestly, this should be the real family photo:
I spy with my little eye... a Chesapeake Bay Retriever:
A couple days after we took these photos, Carlie turned 14!
Once the family photos were done; Dean took off his button up shirt and all the kids started to play and have real fun!
When taking photos with my husband he always like to joke around and try and make me laugh. If you want a real laugh you should see our maternity photos here!
Corey Micheal and Solin Grey:
Sunset over Lodi Lake with the former General Mills in the background:
And our Christmas Cards that will be sent out:
By the way... we are not The Bradford Family.
Epic Fail!

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