THE pepper EXPRESS: The Giants vs Star Wars

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Giants vs Star Wars

When you combine The SF Giants and Star wars that's when you know you are going to have an amazing birthday party. My very good friend Sandi Kay celebrated her birthday during the perfect game of the season recently. I have know Sandi since seventh grade and she has always been such a kindhearted friend that I will never let go. So when the time comes to celebrate Miss Sandi Kay we go all out. While the theme was "Star Wars" and other people doted their paraphernalia; I wore my Giants gear! We traveled using the BART and the MUNI and found our seats amongst friends:
We were pretty excited about our seats:
This guy was a pure angel. He supplied SPF to anyone who needed it:
I could smell the fries and Tri-Tip sandwiches from where we were sitting. I had to venture off and get me one immediately:
The Giants played the Rockies and the game was intense. They ended up winning 3 to 2!
We stayed after to take our group photos.
and silly photos...
and photos with the Birthday Girl:
and selfies..
and more group photos... all six of us have known each other since 1998 when we were all in seventh grade:
The after party happened at The Yard which was across the bridge and walking distance from the game:
We applauded Sandi's toast:
and took more group photos:
ate some good food:
and left before the sun went down...
While finding our way back to the BART I always love taking a view and looking up at the city lights and beautiful skyline. Sometimes I like getting lost in San Francisco. But mot of the time we are just looking for a bathroom:
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