THE pepper EXPRESS: That time I went to Kauai with all of my husband's siblings...

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

That time I went to Kauai with all of my husband's siblings...

Back in March my sister in law and I started planning a surprise trip to Hawaii for my husband's birthday. We emailed back and forth for over a month and we couldn't get anywhere. We needed the expertise of my husband's planning skills. In the past he was able to send us all to Costa Rica by finding plane tickets under $300. We confessed our efforts and let him take the reigns on planning a trip for everyone in the family. We then made a plan for everyone to pitch in and instead of getting anybody a birthday present that year... we will all go on a vacation together. The only problem is he planned the vacation for seven months later. We literally waited all year long to go on this trip. Each one of us saved all of our vacation time for this ten day vacation on the garden island of Kauai. 
And it was well worth it:
We stayed at the Kapaa Shore Resort which had an ocean view and the possibility of a Tsunami! I was terrified... everybody else didn't care. Even the bar tender said they get Tsunami warnings every once in awhile. 
Since we were going to be there for about two weeks. We rented our snorkeling gear from Snorkel Bob's. This allowed us to snorkel as much as we wanted where ever we wanted.
Sorry that I am not sorry for the overload of photos. But I figured one post would be better that a part one, 2, or three etc...
There are an insane amount of photos. 

I was told that the taco trucks on the island were the best. We ended up visiting Taco Feliz around five or six times during our stay:
Our surf lessons took place in the Hanamaulu Bay. The waves were perfect for all of us being beginners. All five of us were able to ride at least 20 waves!
Our resort came with a BBQ Area so we went to Costco and stocked up on meat and vegetables to BBQ:
Here we made vegetable kabobs for my husband who is a vegetarian. Pineapple sausage and bacon wrapped dates stuffed with blue cheese:
Even on Hawaii I will choose the chocolate and peanut butter flavor:
Our sunsets looked like this daily:
We traveled to the other side of the island where we found some amazing snorkeling near the Poipo Beach and I had an incredible Reuben Sandwich at Brennecke's. 
On our our travels to the other  side of the island we found the Kauai Coffee Company where I was able to drink as many samples as I could and eat Coffee flavored ice cream!!
RJ is not a fan of coffee...
I was in my own element
I love coffee as much as a Gilmore Girl. Although in this photo it may not show it. I was just tired and afraid of the sun...
On the drive towards Waimea Canyon you must stop at Island Taco and try their papaya tacos:
And while walked up to the view to the Waimea Canyon you might find a couple roosters trying to race you to the top:
The view is nothing like I've seen before. Ok maybe I saw it before in a movie or even during my honeymoon... blog post here
The Napali Coast... aka Jurassic Park:
And here is a marvelous photo of all of us on MARS:
The evolution of MARS:
The red dirt is no joke. It stained by white canvas tote... which is kind of a cool souvenir if you think about it:
Daily Breakfast and Lava Flow drinks at the Olympic Cafe:
All of the siblings together:
They called them "Shave Ice" not shaved ice?
We tried to look all fancy before we went out for sushi:
No makeup and a sun burnt nose:
Green Tea Mud Pie:
Vista Points and Rainy days:
The cave of wonders which had a toxic sign:
Group hike up the Napali Coast:
All of us ladies... Sisters and Sister in Laws
Bad idea to wear hiking sandals... but they were easy to clean off. And I love sandals so much I had to get a souvenir in Kauai that was made in Germany:
Evening beach strolls found us swinging on hand made drift wood swings:
Kitties lived in the trees as well:
We heard that the Smith's Luau was the best on the island. We agree!
:Sister Sister:
<This is my mad face...and... this is my kissy face>
The luau was full of fancy and exotic foods, plus an endless supply of Mai Tais:
The show was a little slow paced... I actually fell asleep... but it was beautiful with all of the choreography and such:
The last day we traveled back to the east side of the island to watch a beautiful sunset at Salt pond Beach:
Honestly this trip was too long for me. Because I left all three of my babies in California. It was really hard for me to be away from my youngest one for that long. Next time I am bringing them all with me!
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