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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pepper's Picks for Christmas

Here is my holiday wishlist... this is exactly what I want for Christmas Mr. Claus. I am in love with every product from LUSH and I am in dire need of a new laptop and this MacBook Pro is at the top of my list:
Pepper's Picks for Chirstmas

  1. Ray-Ban Sunglasses: During the summer I really wanted a pair of these sunglasses but never had a chance to find the perfect pair. Now that it is fall and we plan on spending a lot of time in the snow... these sunglasses are required. It's crazy to know that you can get sun burnt from skiing all day!
  2. LUSH Cosmetics: Recently I was shopping for one of my best friends... and I got stuck in the LUSH store for over an hour. I had so much fun trying out their scrubs and body lotions that I had to buy myself some too. I need to stock up on some bath bombs and Sea Salt Spray!
  3. iPhone 6s: I feel silly walking around with an iPhone 4s. Everything is outdated and my camera sucks! I know I know it's still a phone and I can blog and respond to emails in a jiffy. But I truly need an update plus this phone case
  4. MacBook Pro: If I am going to update my computer and get a personal computer this is going to be it. We use a Mac already at home and that's what I am used to. So if I'm going to invest it will definitely be a MacBook Pro!
  5. Kate Spade Pendants Necklace with the Initial J for Jennifer: nuff said. 
  6. Super Rural: For Like Ever Print: I saw this print on one of my favorite blogs recently and fell in love. I would love to hang this in my daughters room above her bed.
  7. Madewell: THE TRANSPORT TOTE: I can not stress enough at how much I want this tote bag. I am such a chicken that I haven't' invested in this beauty. I am always too scared to buy an expensive purse because I know I would and could possibly ruin the poor leather purse. However, this transport tote would look mighty fine with my initials JDW on it!
  8. NARS Cosmetics Lipstick: Any NARS lipstick would do!
  9. Madewell Black Top: Looking for the ultimate turtle neck is hard. I found a few that I liked from Forever 21 but this one from Madewell really sets the limit!
  10. Ukulele All-Mahogany - Natural Satin: I don't need this specific ukulele but it would be nice!
  11. New Balance Sport Shoes: If I am going to get some new kicks... this is what they are going to be.
  12. Kate Spade Wallet: This wallet would look amazing in THE TRANSPORT TOTE!
  13. Portable Record Player in Light Blue: we need to have a talk about how awesome this Record Player is. I need to start my collection of Vinyl and I think I want to start with some Lana Del Rey and Adele!
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