THE pepper EXPRESS: On Top of Apple HiIl

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

On Top of Apple HiIl

I had never been to Apple Hill before. So we gathered up the entire family and grandma Lexie too! We left early in the morning after a full breakfast and found ourselves among the chaotic cluster of people trying to get their apples. Apple Hill is about an hour away from Sacramento and during Fall is the best time to visit.  The abundance of apples that are available go home to bake hundreds and hundreds of apple pies for the holidays. Carlie and Deans objective for the trip was to find the apple donuts. Solin wanted a pumpkin... in her language it's pronounce "puptin." And I wanted at least one family photos...
read more to hear about that outcome...
Our first stop was Rainbow Orchard. Arriving on a Saturday was a bad idea. We hit traffic hard trying to get into the parking lot. After we parked the car we had to use the bathroom and the only restroom in the vicinity was a porta potty. After letting Solin and carlie run around on the hay we walked into the apple warehouse that was packed full of people and the line for donuts wrapped around the entire warehouse. We walked out and decided to have fun in the orchard instead:
We took the opportunity to take some family photos... they didn't turn out as you can see by the blooper reel:
While we were standing on a slated hill... no one was happy. Solin wanted to play with my earrings, which led to her pulling out my stud earrings. Carlie took the opportunity to change her pose with every take. And Dean just stood there watching it all go down.
but once Solin was back in Grandma's arms she was happy as a clam.
All of our babies with their Great Grandma Lexie:
Dear John... we love your tractors:
Our next stop was the Apple Ridge Farm where we sat down and had a nice lunch that allowed Solin to run around and steal this ball from another family. No joke she literally walked up and took the ball from their table and walked away to play with it. With her being the youngest of two older siblings she almost has the tenancies of an only child, where she is not in-tuned to certain social behaviors. She takes the initiative and thinks everything is hers. It's hilarious to watch her around other kids:
Apple Pie and Apple donuts were at the top of our list:
A photo that was approved by Dean:
I could down a whole bag of Apple Donuts... only if I had enough coffee to go with them:
This is the Carlie face where she is saying: "Why do you always take photos when I'm eating?!?"
Her first Caramel Apple:
And yes she got to choose herself a pumpkin:
More snacks and souvenirs at the market:
The Saturday Market was in full swing by the time we got there. We were able to find some unique jewelry and some home made snacks to take home:
Plus you can't go home with out trying their Apple Cider! 
The star of the show:
It was a beautiful day to spend up on Apple Hill. Next year I plan to go during the week. I even heard that going on Halloween Day is the best! 
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