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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My Life #Instagrammed

I haven't done one of these posts in a long time because I feel like I have taken on a new form of entertainment: Snapchat! I think I have finally got this snapchatting thing down. I went from posting on Instagram everyday to taking on a new form of social media and sending my family snapchats everyday. Don't get me wrong I periodically post on instagram but I spend more time on snapchat now. My family can view the photos of Solin sliding down the slide without wasting their memory on their phones. I have thousands of photos on instagram and I don't want to loose them all. I have taken on the project of printing all of my photos via Walgreens, Stickygram and Chatbooks. I feel this is the new version of the Polaroid camera. I'm not giving up on Instagram yet, I have too many photos and too much time invested in creating my profile. I am just taking a break from posting everyday... and maybe just posting occasionally. Here is an update on my life instagrammed:
Our trip to the pumpkin patch last month can be viewed here!
Friday nights are live at the Lion Stadium where our daughter Carlie plays the half time show:
We spent Fleet Week Exploring the Exploratorium HERE!
An Apple hill post will be live soon. Can't wait to share some of those photos with you!
My childhood best friend had her second baby boy last month. His name is Maddex Warner and he is too precious... makes me want another one:
Halloween weekend was a blast. I had fun at work dressing up with my best friend as a hamburger and a hot dog. Then we drove to the airport and got on a plane for MONTANA! it took me a long time to find the perfect back pack for Solin. I think we struck gold when we found this FjallRaven Back Pack:
My mom made me wear a Dorotht costume and Solin's mom made her wear a Little Red Riding Hood costume that won first place! View more photos here!
While in Montana we drove to Red Lodge and had fun walking around downtown:
My momma and Solin playing peekaboo in the candy shop:
We went from one weekend in Montana to the next weekend in South Lake Tahoe. The funny thing is... there wasn't any snow in Montana. And in Tahoe, we were driving in a winter wonderland:
Solin took the opportunity to use her Hunter Boots seriously!
We had fun GLAMPING with friends and family:
And the best part was Lake Tahoe had snow on the beach... this is always a wonderful site to see. We were at this very beach in September and now its covered in snow!! Can't wait to go back in January!
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