THE pepper EXPRESS: Halloween in Montana

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Halloween in Montana

Flying over 1,200 miles is always worth it when you get to spend time with your family. And taking a toddler on a full flight was very hard but I would do again in heart beat if it means that I get to see my mom. We chose to visit for Halloween because we have plans for the holidays with my husband's family and I wanted to visit Montana before any snow storm. The weather was cold but not Eskimo cold. We were able to get by wearing just a stiff coat and gloves. Solin radiates heat all day long. She was fine just wearing thermal tights and a white long sleeve shirt under her dress. The cape was made from my amazing friend Sandi who owns the talented shop HashTagYarning. We also bought the dress from Brickyard and Buffalo which is now available HERE! As if you didn't know, Solin dressed up like Little Red Riding Hood...
And now PHOTOS:
The only wolf we had was my mom's black Lab named Ruger. When Solin would call his name she would yell "BOOGER!"
At home she doesn't get candy very often. When we started to pass out candy, she didn't understand why we were giving it all away:
My sister and brother joined us on our walk around the block. I think we might start a tradition of going to Montana every year for Halloween. The neighborhood my mom lives in decorates for Halloween like I would decorate for Christmas. There were orange lights hung on the roof and large blow up cats and ghouls. Most of the neighbors gave toys and bubbles as their treats. This neighborhood gets an A+ in my book!
PS: my mom had an extra Dorothy costume that she requested I wear. Hence the pigtails and plaid dress :-/
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