THE pepper EXPRESS: Pumpkin Patchin

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pumpkin Patchin

Our family tradition is holding strong. Even though Carlie and Dean are in high school and they would rather be with their friends than hanging out with their embarrassing parents... we try and carry on this tradition. Along with picking out a Christmas tree every year, going to the pumpkin patch is considered a major family event. Dell'Osso Farms invited us to visit their local pumpkin patch and explore their attractions. Every year the kids get excited about pumpkin blasting and the obstacle course.  We also found some good size pumpkins that were the perfect size to fit upon out porch:
We were informed from the pumpkin blaster mechanic that they will be running out of pumpkins soon because of the drought here in California. The pumpkin blaster will soon be an Apple Blaster :(
Brotherly love. Here you can see an example of a little sister throwing a fit:
Poor Solin practically pulled a muscle trying to pick up the 3lb pumpkin:
Our family photos are few and far between. But we try and make them worth it. You have Dean who refuses to be in most photos and requires approval before any social media exposure. Then Carlie who is a freshman and needs to take as many selfies she can before the school year ends. And then you have poor little Solin who doesn't really have a choice but loves to say 'Cheese!' and has a mother that is afraid of not having enough baby photos of her baby... yup our iPhoto library is extremely organized!
We tried to recreate the photo from last year which you can visit here!
Solin officially calls Carlie 'Sissy' and Mr. Dean prefers to be called by his full first name Randall instead of his middle name Dean. Every now and then you can hear Solin running around the house saying "Dandall, Dandall!" it is absolutely adorable!
This tire pyramid is not safe for Salt Water sandals and babies. I slipped a few times and then I tried to be cautious while holding the baby but you know me... of curse I slip and fall :(
Dean's favorite dessert is pumpkin pie. He has a December birthday and requests pumpkin pie to be served on the eleventh in his honor:
I always love capturing photos of the three of them. And this photo was approved by Randall Dean himself:
Solin is so brave with everything she does. I try to stand my ground and keep my distance but she is daring and not afraid:
Other fall favorites that I collected for the season:
Do you have a favorite Pumpkin Patch that you visit every year? 

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