THE pepper EXPRESS: Exploring the Exploratorium

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Exploring the Exploratorium

We put the date on the calendar to remember that the Exploratorium had a free day in October and we were thrilled to know it was during Fleet Week. So it felt like we were getting a lot out of commuting to the city on a weekend. Usually on Sundays the city parking is free. However, you have to park at least four blocks away from the Embarcadero in order to get this accommodation. And we parked on Union and Sansome. I told the kids we were going to be taking pictures throughout the day and this was Dean's response:
Dean will be fifteen in December and he prefers to stay behind the camera. I completely understand. That's how I felt when I was fifteen. But I just love getting some of these ornery photos for keepsakes.
The line to get into the Exploratorium was long and wrapped around the pier. So if you want to visit the Exploratorium on a free day, make sure you get there before 10 am!
Once we got inside all of the kids ran to each exhibit. Solin found the colored shadows exhibit and wanted to stay there for the rest of the visit:
I don't know what her obsession with floors are. But occasionally she will lay on a cold concrete floor and revert to crawling. I understand that the floor is cold and could be comforting. But little girl you are in a dress... get up off that floor!!
Hands on exhibits were our favorite and it was interesting to see the warehouse in which they build everything:
The Exploratorium lets you discover many things with your senses. Carlie and Solin spent much of their time in the audio section, where they would listen to different sounds and instruments:
During snack time we sat near the library and tried to find as many books as we could find. My favorite is "Le Ballon Rouge!"
The mouse hole was quite the scene. Within this teeny tiny hole lived a mouse family.
When we walked upstairs to the observatory deck we found the USS Calgary in the port. That ship was right smack dab in the middle of our view of Alcatraz... But it was pretty cool to see the men from Fleet Week on deck!
All three of my babies all in a row:
And this is where my husband was during the entire trip to the Exploratorium. He was looking at maps. Maps, MAPS, and more maps! There were maps of weather patterns. Maps of altitude. Maps of  the Bay Area terrain. And my favorite map: The Taxi Origins and Destinations. This map was a piece of art. It showed where taxi drivers stop and mapped out most of their destinations:
If you would like to go to the Exploratorium visit their website HERE and their next FREE Day is December 6th, 2015
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