THE pepper EXPRESS: A Day in South Lake Tahoe - Part Two

Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Day in South Lake Tahoe - Part Two

I have soo many photos from our trip to South Lake Tahoe that this blog stream will be turning into a Part Three. You can visit Part One HERE
Heavenly Village in South Lake Tahoe is where you want to be on the weekend. The shops at Heavenly Village is where you can find everything from North Face shirts to Patagonia Jackets (By the way I have had my eye on this Patagonia Jacket all season) It is truly one of my husbands dreams to go down and visit Patagonia in South America, but until then we settle with Tahoe. The lift tickets are pretty expensive and we were pretty hungry, so we decided to forego the ski lift and check out Fire & Ice for lunch:
This was my first time eating at Fire & Ice. We were able to create our own plates similar to Mongolian BBQ but the food was absolutely delicious. And if you get in before they start serving dinner you can pay the lunch price... which is exponentially cheaper!!!
Outside in the courtyard there was a large version of Jenga! The used large pieces of wood to create the game. Solin and I tried to play, however the Large scaled Jenga was pretty heavy and I didn't want it to fall on her so we walked around the village a little bit more...
I don't like taking Solin into the casinos because of all the second hand smoke. So we walk through the Hotel Lobby and take the elevator down to the Arcade. This is where we can let Solin run around wild and we get to play some silly games like DEAL or NO DEAL! I am pretty competitive with my husband while we play this game... it always helps when I win!
Still more photos to come next week!

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