THE pepper EXPRESS: A Day in South Lake Tahoe - Part Three

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Day in South Lake Tahoe - Part Three

Last photos from Tahoe I promise! My camera role was huge after we left South Lake Tahoe. I had just received my birthday present... which of course was a new camera. My husband surprised me with a Sony Cyber-Shot and I fell in love! Our previous camera was a Canon Power-Shot G9 and unfortunately I broke it... like I always do :( I can only keep nice things nice for a little while. That's why I am hesitant on upgrading my iphone to the newest version. The iPhone 6. I know that I always need an OtterBox because I will drop it in water or drop it while holding the baby... it's inevitable! Here is an instance where I was really cautious about taking my camera out into the water. The lake is very low because of the drought; which allowed us to walk out to the sail boats. Solin enjoyed it because it was shallow like a children's wading pool!
Solin is very advenutrous. She tried to venture off on her own...Yea right... not gonna happen little lady!
This is how shallow it was. Barely to my ankles. Plus I had to wear my Salt Waters because of all the sharp rocks. Both Solin and I are wearing Salt Waters from here and here!
Learning to use our new camera my husband took maybe 40 different panoramic shots... these were the best ones:
We ended our trip with ice cream and headed home for a long three hour commute back home:
The end of our Tahoe pictures I promise. Until next time Tahoe Tess! 
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