THE pepper EXPRESS: A Day in South Lake Tahoe - Part One

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Day in South Lake Tahoe - Part One

Every year we go to Lake Tahoe for my birthday weekend. I find that the atmosphere of the lake and the town of South Lake Tahoe helps me celebrate another year older. Although I am getting older the Lake looks like time has taken it's toll on the blue lake. What once was the lake that I wanted to keep blue is now a lake that I want to keep full. The drought is prominent in California and walking up to my favorite beach and looking out onto an empty trough was pitiful. It's hard to know that your home state is in such a hardship. Even the fires that are growing in Northern California pose a threat on our beautiful golden state. I was worried that once we arrived at the lake we wouldn't have the amenities that we used to. I had heard that some of the water fountains were “Out of Order!” Can you believe that! So we prepared a fun picnic and enjoyed. Since I had just received my new camera... these are actually some of the first photos I took.... other than our camping post here:
Our first stop was the City Beach where we found an adorable playground for Solin to play on. This specific park has an amazing view on the park:
This park was the perfect size for Solin. She is at the age where she can climb up to the slide but she is always hesitant to go down the slide. Usually mommy and daddy are waiting at the  end of the slide to catch her:
How amazing is that back drop. It felt surreal just being there, The sky was full of fluffy clouds which mirrored upon the empty lake. It felt like a once in a lifetime view:
You/re never to old to swing on a swing...
Our dorky family photo was based off of us learning how to use the camera timer:
More to come in another post later in the week!
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