THE pepper EXPRESS: Solin's First Trip to Disneyland - Part One

Monday, September 28, 2015

Solin's First Trip to Disneyland - Part One

We started our first day at Disneyland a little later than we should have. All of the guide books recommend that you begin your day at the gate around 7:30 am. We arrived in th park after lunch and our Solin's very first ride was It's A Small World. I didn't know how she would react. Some kids are afraid of the animatronics, but Solin loved them. She started to mimic their hand movements and she was acting like she was beating the drum just like the dolls. She laughed and tried to sing along. For her being eighteen months old I was very surprised! I knew this trip was going to be grand:
After the ride was over Solin wanted to ride it again. It's hard to explain to a one year old that the line is longer than it was before:
We walked around the corner to ToonTown where we found Pluto ready to take a photo with us. Once we walked up to him, Solin was frightened. She didn't want anything to do with him. Pluto kindly step aside and we were able to take our photo:
ToonTown is perfect for toddlers to run around and get their energy out. We were able to visit Donald Duck's Boat and Goofy's House. Both were playgrounds where the kids could jump around and play:
We had a fast pass for Space Mountain. So my husband ran to use the ride share while I walked over to Frontier Land and got our Indiana Jones Fast Passes and a couple refreshing snacks. I am a little obsessed with coconut water right now. And this chocolate ZICO coconut water was just what I needed!
While my husband was on the Space Mountain ride share; Solin fell asleep just in time for her nap time:
While she was sleeping we walked over to California Adventures to take full advantage of using the Fast Pass system. We had heard that the two parks were not connected. While you had a fast pass in Disneyland you could get another one in California Adventures. So, we went straight to Radiator Springs and received our passes:
Once Solin woke up for her nap we were just in time for the Main Street Parade in Disneyland:
She waved to the princess' and said hello to the dancers. My favorite was seeing Mary Poppins:
 While my husband was on Indiana Jones; Solin and I walked up Tarzan's Tree House. She wanted to be independent and walk by herself:
Then we waited about 20 minutes for the Jungle Cruise. Which wasn't that bad of a wait:
It's always relaxing to be on the Jungle Cruise. The Cruise Director is always hilarious and you get to rest your feet too!
We were able to catch Pirates of the Caribbean when the wait was 20 minutes. Solin threw a couple fits that were entertaining:
After six o'clock it was time to return back to California Adventures where we were able to use our Fast Passes. I love walking through Cars Land when all of the lights start turning on:
The weather was a little warm so we brought along our evian Facial Spray. It was nice to use this to cool off when we were in the shade:
Solin trying to spray it on her like mama:
I couldn't leave Cars Land without visiting the Cozy Cone motel and getting the Chili Cone Queso:
After buying our snacks and dinner we walked over to the Pier and used our World of Color Fast Passes to watch the show:
I recommend getting your World of Color Fast Pass early on in the day. This Fast Pass is for a show and does not interfere with your other Fast Passes. We were in the BLUE zone which gave us a really great view. 
When the World of Color was finished it was time to leave the park and walk back to our hotel room. I was excited to see the Start line decorated for the next morning. Within the next eight hours I was going to be running in the Disneyland 5k:
I prepared my costume and my race bib on my bedside table and set my alarm for 4:45 am

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