THE pepper EXPRESS: Solin's First Plane Ride

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Solin's First Plane Ride

When unfortunate events happened and my very good friend couldn't make the trip to Disneyland with me. I decided to go all in and use my non-refundable plane ticket to take my baby with me to Disneyland. My original plan was to fly down to Disneyland and run the race and then drive back with my friend. Last week she had her appendix removed and was unable to run in the race; which lead her to forfeit the trip completely. We cried a lot. I knew I wanted to go on this trip with her, and we had months and months of planning this trip. In one instance our vacation was flipped upside down. I was notified of the change in plans on my birthday and my husband took it upon himself to be the hero and save the day. 
He dropped both Solin and I off at the Sacramento International Airport and had told me that he will meet me down in Anaheim the next day. My luggage included our Bugaboo stroller. Our Ergo Baby Carrier. A back pack full of our clothes for the day. And a never ending Mary Poppins purse that was filled with activities for Solin on the plane. 
I walked into the airport with Solin cuddled in the Ergo baby carrier, while pushing my stroller full of my carry on luggage. Once we walked up to the security station I was a little anxious and did not know what to expect. I ask the security guard what to do. With the baby cradled in my arms, held by the carrier, I was able to unload my back pack, large purse, shoes, jacket, iPad, electronics and they even asked me to fold up the stroller and put it on the X-ray conveyor belt. It was easier than I thought. The only difficult part was putting everything back together when I was on the other side.
Once we found our terminal we were informed the plane was delayed. We found an empty terminal and I let Solin climb all over the place. But she wanted to walk around the terminal shops instead:
She was very intrigued by the taxing planes. She watched them load and unload many cargo trains. 
Then we found a family restroom where I tried to go to the bathroom and Solin created this mess... I was so embarrassed. While a tenant was knocking on the door, I anxiously cleaned up the paper towel mess:
While the plane boarded we made the plan to be the last ones to board and Solin decided to recharge herself a little more on the charging kiosk one more time:
With the plan being delayed and over 30 minutes of taxing on the runway. I pulled out a game bag that I had prepared ahead of time. There was a slinky, coloring books, markers, yo yo, bracelets, rings, puzzles, and a flashlight:
She was done with the slinky with in five minutes :(
The plane ride was great. She wasn't scared she actually enjoyed the ride. The only problem came when we decided to descend into LAX. That's when Solin wanted to walk around the aisle. The flight attended demanded that she be seated and then announced it again over the intercom. I was mortified when everyone turned around and looked at me. As I tried to position her back in her seat. She cried out as I buckled her seat belt. Now I am not proud of what I did next, but it worked. I gave her M&M's. She was amused by the taste and the color of the candy, which kept her occupied until everyone else was off of the plane.
We took a shuttle from the airport to our hotel room. I dressed her in some Disney pajamas and we got ready for bead.
About 1 am we heard a knock on the door and then a key started to unlock the door. I ran as quickly as I could to lock the the inside latch. Looking through the peep hole I realized it was my husband. I actually was mad about the surprise. My nerves were shot and I was a little scared from the intrusion. But once again my husband surprised me fully. He had dropped Solin and I off at the airport and drove straight from the Sacramento Airport to Disneyland Drive in Anaheim! Which honestly is a straight drive on interstate 5 the whole way. However, it did take him seven hours.
Once my nerves settled down we all were able to go back to sleep and get a good nights rest.
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