THE pepper EXPRESS: Navratan Korma for my Birthday

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Navratan Korma for my Birthday

Twenty nine... I am embarrassed to admit that I am loving my new age. I am going into this year as a mother of three. A terrific step mother I must add. A new mommy to my Solin. A wife to my incredible husband. And a friend to my loved ones. I think twenty nine is going to be courageous and humbling. I will wear this age like a badge of honor. I heard once that woman age like milk and men age like wine. I don't think so. I feel more comfortable now in my own skin than I have ever before. I have an unknown confidence that my friends and my family members emphasize and caution at the same time. This is my last year in my twenties and I am going to live to it's fullest extent!
Here are some corky photos from my birthday dinner at our favorite Indian Cuisine restaurant:
I love that my husband's Grandfather is always willing to try different foods and beverages. We have taken both his grandparents to this specific restaurant before and they loved it!!
My little Solin was such a big girl. They served the rice first and while I was serving her some of my Navratan Korma she already started on the basmati rice:
I was pretty jealous of his plate:
Mr. Dean who prefers to be called Randall these days also prefers to not have his picture taken EVER :( So I snuck this photo in because it was my birthday:)
I love the beautiful colors of each and everyone's plates:
And of course a picture of my lovely daughters... where Carlie is asking the same question: "Why are you taking my photo?"
Thank you for all of the wonderful birthday wishes!

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