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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Life #Instagrammed

September 2015 I will never forget you. This was the month where I turned twenty nine. This is the beginning of my last year in my twenties. And this month was incredible. We celebrated the entire month of September and we are not letting go until the end of this years. :
Earlier this month we traveled to South Lake Tahoe and enjoyed an amazing weekend camping and enjoying the lake
Solin has taken a new liking to Japanese food:
We always knew she was a pet lover:
Carlie, Dean, Solin and our newly adopted daughter Joy... just kidding she is Carlie's best friend and they are attached at the hip!
That birthday face below is the best. RJ and Solin surprised me during my lunch break on my birthday and her little pig tails make me wanna curl up a giggle:
After celebrating my birthday we took Solin on a spontaneous Disneyland trip. Which allowed her to take her very first plane ride. You can see more photos here, here and here!
Our trip to Disneyland was brought on by chance and my very good friend missing out on all the fun. I truly missed my partner in crime but decided to let Solin paint ToonTown with all her glory. 
Our original plan was to drive down and run the race. But my friend lost her appendix and had to opt out of the situation ;( I was a loner in the happiest race on earth. But it was truly exhilarating running around Disneyland at 5;30 am!
My Happily Ever After:
Tis the season for Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and Pea soup:
Since Carlie and Dean were unable to join us on our spontaneous trip to Disneyland. We made sure to take the time and do what they wanted to do... which was the Color the Skies event with the hot air balloons. 
During September the Greek Festival runs its course... and I eat all of the gyros I can!
Plus Auntie "Kwisten" was able to watch Solin for the first time and it was a success!!!
I am kind of obsessed with snapchat right now. If you don't follow me on snapchat you should... find me @pepperexpress 
Then we traveled to the middle of the Pacific Ocean to the garden island of Kauai. This trip was much anticipated because we had planned it for over 7 months. And  we didn't take any of the kids. Ten days in paradise was very hard when you don't have your babies
I promise a Hawaii post is coming soon!
I bought myself some Birkenstock while on Kauai. It was a silly souviner since they were made in Germany and I had to break them in with a few blisters. But hey free shipping in my carry on bag!!
It was hard not having my baby there with me. But if we did have the children we wouldn't have been able to go surfing or snorkeling:
And last but not least the photo that I will love and cherish forever... Miss Solin running her own ranch while we were away:
When we were in Hawaii all of the kids stayed with their grandma who owns The Anderson Ranch. Every morning Solin woke up to feed the 'Horsys' and goats. To this day she wakes up say 'Horsy!' every morning!
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