THE pepper EXPRESS: Golden Gate Park - Carousel & Playground

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Golden Gate Park - Carousel & Playground

Last month we explored Golden Gate Park. My intentions were to find the carousel so that my little one could ride the "horsey" in which she calls them! After we parked near the Bowling Green in the park we were able to walk over to the Koret Children's Quarter Playground. This play ground was perfect for Solin. The weather was overcasted like every other day in San Francisco, There were plenty of children for Solin to play with and best of all Mommy was able to play on the slide too! This playground is full of imagination and creates a wonder emporium for all ages. Just make sure you are accompanied with a child because they have strict rules and signs that the security guards abide by. 
This park is massive. I have only explored maybe one third of the entire park. You can view other posts here and here!
This dragon was a beautiful installment. I loved how each scale on the dragon was perfectly position to create a gorgeous mosaic appeal:
It's like she has never touched sand before:
This was hard for mommy and daddy to step back and let her climb. She wanted to be a big girl and her independence is showing:
I wish I could have recorded her and RJ playing. She laughs so hard sometimes that she falls over. Her laugh would make a great ring tone:
I was wondering if these were the first pigeons she had ever scene:
Honestly, I was taking a photo of the crazy web structure behind my husband. I was surprised at how high it actually goes... but then my husband was trying to be all GQ...
And yes we found the Carousel. A gorgeous one in fact! I loved riding beside Solin and watching the gears above me work their magic.
If you are ever in San Francisco and want to visit the Golden Gate Park. I highly recommend paying the three dollars to enjoy the carousel. But remember you must be accompanied by a child... lol!

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