THE pepper EXPRESS: Earl of Sandwich

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Earl of Sandwich

Walking from Hotel Disney to the entrance of Disneyland you get to walk through Downtown Disney which is something you should plan to spend an entire day just shopping there. Every time we visit Disneyland I crave a sandwich from Earl of Sandwich. Their sandwiches are made with the best quality and the price is better than buying something in the park. We stopped in to grab a sandwich before we entered the park and decided to have a fun picnic on the lawn instead of the tables prepared for guests: 
Because so many people like to eat here; the wait is longer than most. So we set up our little picnic by using this awesome Turkish Towel that can also be used as a blanket. This towel comes in handy because it is light weight and dries very fast. 
While waiting for our food we let Solin run around like crazy:
We ordered the veggie sandwich for my husband, the Hawaiian sub for me, and some comfort mac and cheese for Solin. She usually doesn't eat mac and cheese so she went to town and ended up eating it all!
We saved half of our sandwiches to eat in the park later when we get hungry. Then we walked over to the monorail station in Downtown Disney and awaited our train.
Solin was getting tired and was acting silly while laying on the cold concrete. Sometimes I don't know what to do when she acts like this... because I'm the one taking pictures and laughing too!
She was amused by the monorail. She climbed above the seats to get a good look at the view:
After exiting the ride we had an amazing view of the Matterhorn and the Finding Nemo Submarines: 
Our plan in the park was to run and get fast passes for my husband and I to ride Space mountain. Then walk over and ride "It's a Small World" for Solin. We learned to utilize both the Fast passes in both parks while using the ride share program. While I watched Solin, my husband would ride space mountain. Then I would go through the handicap entrance and ride Space Mountain using the Ride Share Pass. This made our trip to Disneyland very pleasant and I recommend it completely!
More photos to come of Solin's first trip to Disneyland... I promise!
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