THE pepper EXPRESS: Camping in South Lake Tahoe

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Camping in South Lake Tahoe

As an early birthday present my husband took me camping. Which doesn't sound like it's the best thing to do.. but it is fun to unwind and take a break from social media. This particular camping trip was incredible because my husband packed a birthday cake and I was able to receive my birthday present... A New Camera!!! Throughout the years I have gone through cameras like I go through cell phones. About once a year I either drop it or break it into smithereens. In the past I have owned a small Canon Power Shot, a Canon Power Shot G9, and my newest baby is a SONY Cyber-Shot Digital Still Camera! I have always been a fan of Canon cameras and I have not graduated to a DSLR. The SONY Cyber-Shot is perfectly mobile enough to carry with me to different events or even on back packing trips. Here are my very first photos shot with my SONY Cyber-Shot:
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