THE pepper EXPRESS: September 2015

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Life #Instagrammed

September 2015 I will never forget you. This was the month where I turned twenty nine. This is the beginning of my last year in my twenties. And this month was incredible. We celebrated the entire month of September and we are not letting go until the end of this years. :
Earlier this month we traveled to South Lake Tahoe and enjoyed an amazing weekend camping and enjoying the lake
Solin has taken a new liking to Japanese food:
We always knew she was a pet lover:
Carlie, Dean, Solin and our newly adopted daughter Joy... just kidding she is Carlie's best friend and they are attached at the hip!
That birthday face below is the best. RJ and Solin surprised me during my lunch break on my birthday and her little pig tails make me wanna curl up a giggle:
After celebrating my birthday we took Solin on a spontaneous Disneyland trip. Which allowed her to take her very first plane ride. You can see more photos here, here and here!
Our trip to Disneyland was brought on by chance and my very good friend missing out on all the fun. I truly missed my partner in crime but decided to let Solin paint ToonTown with all her glory. 
Our original plan was to drive down and run the race. But my friend lost her appendix and had to opt out of the situation ;( I was a loner in the happiest race on earth. But it was truly exhilarating running around Disneyland at 5;30 am!
My Happily Ever After:
Tis the season for Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and Pea soup:
Since Carlie and Dean were unable to join us on our spontaneous trip to Disneyland. We made sure to take the time and do what they wanted to do... which was the Color the Skies event with the hot air balloons. 
During September the Greek Festival runs its course... and I eat all of the gyros I can!
Plus Auntie "Kwisten" was able to watch Solin for the first time and it was a success!!!
I am kind of obsessed with snapchat right now. If you don't follow me on snapchat you should... find me @pepperexpress 
Then we traveled to the middle of the Pacific Ocean to the garden island of Kauai. This trip was much anticipated because we had planned it for over 7 months. And  we didn't take any of the kids. Ten days in paradise was very hard when you don't have your babies
I promise a Hawaii post is coming soon!
I bought myself some Birkenstock while on Kauai. It was a silly souviner since they were made in Germany and I had to break them in with a few blisters. But hey free shipping in my carry on bag!!
It was hard not having my baby there with me. But if we did have the children we wouldn't have been able to go surfing or snorkeling:
And last but not least the photo that I will love and cherish forever... Miss Solin running her own ranch while we were away:
When we were in Hawaii all of the kids stayed with their grandma who owns The Anderson Ranch. Every morning Solin woke up to feed the 'Horsys' and goats. To this day she wakes up say 'Horsy!' every morning!

How We Wore It // Fall Transition

With the wonderful Autumn weather sweeping over California, I am excited to share with you a new segment I will be sharing monthly. I have collaborated with a few other bloggers who have incorporated their view on an outfit post via Life with Emily. All of us together signed up here with Brooke from Silver Lining and we each have a fun post to share how we wore this outfit:
Since it is the last day of September and tomorrow will bring on the Indian summer heat of October. I wanted to share how I am transitioning my wardrobe into FALL! During October the weather is cold and crisp in the morning and there is usually and afternoon swell of heat that comes with the afternoon sun. And once the sun goes down a nice breeze comes in from the bay area and it becomes sweater weather. I prefer to wear a simple light sweater and I like wearing my distressed denim I found from Abercrombie years ago. You can find a similar pair here, but I personally love my distressed jeans all year long!
Wearing a bold sweater is always comfortable. I feel like I made the mistake of not wearing a statement necklace. However, I am not the kind of person who wears a lot of jewelry so I was more comfortable without a large necklace weighing over my chest. 
The nude purse is from Old Navy
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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Solin's First Trip to Disneyland - Part Two

After an amazing day in Disneyland in my previous post. We decided to go another day and buy a Two-Day Park Hopper Ticket. Earlier in the morning I had ran the Disneyland 5K, so we had a early start to our day. We were able to get to the gate around 8 am, which allowed us to walk into the park and line up at the ropes on Main St. The Cast Members were very entertaining. Alice and the Mad Hatter walked by playing silly games and signing autographs. While the other Cast Members answered our Star Wars questions.  
While we waited for the ropes to come down, I let Solin run around and explore. She has this infatuation with horses right now and found the hitching post fascinating:
When she would get aggravated we would pull out our secret inventory of bubbles and let her run around catching them:
Being at the front rope is always a great idea because you get to choose which ride you want to ride first. The guide books tells you to run straight to Peter Pan Flight... and that's what we did. The Cast Members specifically tell you to not run. But once that rope is let loose everyone runs through the castle and into the line of Peter Pan's Flight. We had our stroller with us, therefore we had to find stroller parking in Fantasyland. This delayed us a couple minutes and by the time we made it to the line; the wait was already at 30 minutes!!
Next on our list was Snow White's Scary Adventure which was darker than I remembered. Pinocchio's Daring Journey was a delight. And Dumbo the Flying Elephant is required when you have a one year old toddler. The line was longer than I remember for Dumbo. Solin became a little restless in the line, but we usually had different toys to entertain her with.
While on the Dumbo ride, Solin caught a glimpse of the King Arthur Carousel. She started yelling "Horsey, Horsey!" and was thrilled to see the horses of Camelot:
She was so happy should couldn't handle herself:
Since it was just the three of us it was very difficult to take a family photo. The Cast Members are always willing to take the photo for you. It never hurts to ask:
Disneyland snacks are expensive but they are always a great treat to have:
And you can't leave the park with out having a Mickey Pretzel:
After we had a couple snacks it was nap time for Solin, and time for RJ and I to ride share on Star Tours. While RJ was on the ride I was able to find my Tomorrowland Pin in the gift shop along with my Birthday Pin they gave me at the cash register.
And I also asked for a pin for Solin:
I recommend all parents to utilize the Ride Share Pass. My husband and I would get our Fast Passes and then when my husband would watch the baby; I would walk up to the attendant and ask them for the Ride Share Pass. Then they would give me the red land yard. To help with waiting in the long lines we made sure to use the Ride Share Pass during our Fast Pass time limit: 
By the way Space Mountain is my favorite ride in Disneyland:
I decided to Disneybound as Casey Newton from the new movie Tomorrowland. I was able to find an adorable matching hat HERE and wear comfortable overalls with a flannel around my waste. I chose to wear my Salt Water Sandals because they are comfortable enough to wear all day, plus Solin has a pair too!
After running around Disneyland in the morning we walked over to Disney's California Adventure and  decided to ride the Toy Story Mania with Solin:
3D glasses were required:
She found another carousel and was excited while mommy waved from the side lines:
Waiting in lines were not so easy. Sometimes it was difficult to keep her in such a confined small space. So I would let her walk around and talk to other kids or we would go and get a snack while daddy waited in line for us:
In the middle of California Adventures is Grizzly Peak where you can find the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail which is only for children. You are required to have a child in order to go in this ride LOL! We were able to walk over bridges and play in creeks. Solin found a few other kids to play along with while sliding down the slide:
By this time I needed a nap myself. So we walked back to our hotel and took a nap and bought dinner out side of the park. Then we returned well rested and ready for the night weather:
We had Fast Passes for Soarin'  Over California and while we used the ride share passes we let Solin play with some of the glow sticks we brought. These glow sticks entertained her for hours. They were great to bring along in the lines:
After riding Monsters Inc we walked back to Disneyland and rode the Train while the Fireworks and Fantasmics were in full action:
Then I had to get another snack because the smell of popcorn was AMAZING:
I recommend riding the Mad Tea Party at night time... it's something else::
The last two days were very exhausting. We decided to call the night early at 9 pm and head back to our hotel using the Monorail:
After taking the monorail to Downtown Disney we walked by the Lego Store and had to stop in and look at the crazy displays:
Solin was tired. But she was still willing to organize all of the legos into their correct container.
Overall it was an incredible trip that happen based off of happenstance. A completely spontaneous trip for my husband and daughter. Even though we were not able to bring our older kids (they personally declined the option of going to Disneyland)... but it turned out to be an amazing trip for just the three of us!
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