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Friday, August 21, 2015

Pepper's Picks

Pepper's Picks 8/21/2015

Bralettes: As of last week my daughter is officially weaned and I can start wearing bras like this one... check out my other favorites Here, here, and HERE!
Embroidered Dress: I like the detail to this dress. When I purchased this particular dress I was happy to know that there were buttons because at that specific time I was breast feeding... but now I'm not!
Vintage Black One Piece: I feel more comfortable in a one piece and this vintage inspired one will make me feel relaxed know nothing will slip out while I am swimming.
Black Sunglasses: Large black frames are great when your eyes are puffing and you need a good disguise.
Turkish Towel: I've done my research and these are the only towels I want to take to Kauai with me. There are other fun towels here and here!
Beach Tote: While perusing Targets lush display of totes and bags I found this gleaming sparkling one and fell in love! I could fit everything in this post in that tote.
OPI Nail Polish: I love reading the names of each OPI Color. This one is called 'Gimme A Lido Kiss!'
Accessories: I prefer not to wear much jewelry to the beach. However if you decide to accessorize make sure it's simple and chic like this triangle pendant found HERE!
Straw Hat: I have to many hats. This we know. But if I was going to purchase a new one it would be this ONE.
Beach Makeup: Another thing to keep simple. A waterproof mascara and a good eyeliner will stay with you all day if you put it on right. The concealer is for touch ups after you go for a ocean swim.
Black Sandals: A comfy sandal that matches your motif is required.
Kimono Cover Up: I love seeing kimono over dresses and cut off shorts. And this Kimono looks great even over the Vintage Black One Piece.
Black Maxi Dress: I like to wear black maxi dresses after I am done with the beach. There is usually and abundant amount of sand and any thing you put on will be wet. Wearing a simple maxi dress will help you dry fast and the color stays the same if its wet or dry!
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