THE pepper EXPRESS: My Morning Routine

Monday, August 10, 2015

My Morning Routine

 I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of REACH® and One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.
I tried the new REACH® Complete Care Mouth Rinse and I have now officially made it part of my morning routine. There is a little nozzle that lets you hold your toothbrush and the mouth rinse also comes with a little cup. The REACH® Complete Care™ CURVE Tooth brush has angled bristles that allows you to clean between your teeth and your gum line:
A new study from REACH shows 82% of the nation’s moms never skip brushing their teeth every night. No matter how busy I get I make sure I take care of myself.. I learned that once your child starts teething you should start brushing their teeth. My baby girl is sixteen months old now with a full mouth of canines and molars. Twice a day we have a routine to brush our teeth thoroughly.
The REACH® bottle has a nifty spout that allows me to refill my travel bottles. Before I would use a funnel and make a mess out of everything. Now my counters stay clean and tidy:
Well they stay clean and tidy until all of my make up is sprawled out everywhere: 
If you want to check out more products from REACH® you can visit their website HERE!
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