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Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Life #Instagrammed

I love posting photos on Instagram. I recently learned that you can print them into books when you order from Chatbooks! You can get 60 pages for $6. So if the internet ever goes into an apocalyptic mode where we can never view our internet photos again you can always have the hard copy in hand with you. But til then I will post daily on instagram for my family in Montana and our Grandma is Washington. Come follow along @pepperexpress
We had a blast on the Forth of July:
Pineapple and more recipe posts here, here, and here:
We had a fun night at the Farmers Market in Lodi. Check out the blog post here:
Our trip to visit the California State Fair is on the blog HERE:
Solin is in love with the baby carts at Trader Joes:
We had a blast at Gilroy Garden:
Flower Piano in Golden Gate Park:
Hanging out at the Dutch Windmill in Golden Gate Bridge
I don't know what I am going to do with Solin's bangs. I am contemplating cutting her hair or waiting to see my mom in the fall so she can be the first one to cut her hair...
This photo was promoted to my screen saver on my phone and computer... I love that silly girl:
One of my favorite movies is "The Red Balloon" and little Solin was not leaving the mall with out it:
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