THE pepper EXPRESS: Mosaic Steps of San Francisco

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mosaic Steps of San Francisco

Sorry for the overload of San Francisco pictures lately. It's the city by the bay. It's where I left my heart. I truly want to live in San Francisco... instead I live about an hour away from this beautiful city. Growing up in the central valley of California my mom would always take us to visit the Fisherman's Wharf or we would go to the Exploratorium of San Francisco. Now that I am older I have branched away from the touristy spots and found some local gems in the city. The Mosaic Steps are located near Golden Gate Park in the Sunset District. You can park on the street and walk straight up the stairs. Getting a clear photo of the steps is a little difficult considering that many locals are wondering around the park:
Little Solin went to sleep on the drive over. Unfortunately, the stairs are not stroller accessible. So Mr. RJ took it upon himself to carry her all the way up the beautiful stairs:
And the stairs are truly beautiful:
But once you reach the top of the beautiful mosaic stairs... there's more... regular boring stairs to climb:
And when you reach the top... little baby Solin wakes up.
She gave her daddy a killer work out though:
At the very top of the stairs is Grand View Park. Which received it's wonderful name because of the 360 degree view:
You can see all of Golden Gate Park to the Golden Gate Bridge:
The wind was really strong and chilly. Solin held on to her daddy as long as she could:
Sometimes these are the only photos you can get with the family:
And you can also take silly selfies of your wind blown hair... aka bad hair day?
The mosaic steps is considered a hidden gem in the middle of San Francisco. I highly recommend you climb the stairs. The view its self is worth it:
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